The Building Permit Application forms are available at the Community Development Department service counter or on the Applications, Forms & Guidelines page. The various applications are intended to apply to typical construction projects; however, some sections may not be applicable to your work or additional information may be required for special conditions.

The applications include some general project questions that provide us with the information necessary to quickly and accurately process the application. Contact information is required for the primary project participants for general communications, plan reviews, and notifications. For your convenience, most forms are fillable.

Small Common Projects

A project-specific Building Permit Application is available for some small common projects such as a fence, water heater, furnace and air conditioning replacement. These applications require the necessary information stated on the application and identify the applicable regulations providing direction for the specific project.

Application Requirements

All applications require the estimated total project cost and remodeling hard cost if applicable. All new construction and remodeling projects require square footage of the project scope of work. Based on the total project scope, certain building and Illinois Accessibility Code improvements may be required.


The applications further require that certain contractors register with the Village to ensure that they are licensed (if required) to complete the work, have the minimum required insurance coverage, and have secured a performance bond. Contractor registration requirements do not apply to property owners personally performing work on their property if they reside on the property, or to contractors doing work that does not require a building permit, or to unlicensed contractors subcontracted to a registered general contractor.

Signature & Certification

All applications must be signed and certified by the property owner and the building permit applicant to ensure that they understand and agree to comply with all applicable Village Code requirements.