Construction Inspections

 Residential inspection protocols can be found here.  


The required construction inspections for any project are determined by the type and scope of work. Construction inspections may be completed by the Community Development Department staff or technical consultants, or the Public Works Department staff. The required inspections will be indicated on the Building Permit.

It is the property owner’s or owner’s agent’s responsibility to call for the required inspection when each stage of the work is completed and before the next stage of the work may be started. Work that has not been inspected and is concealed within new walls or floors may require the walls and floors to be opened for inspection. The typical required inspections are listed and described on the Required Building Permit Inspections Form (PDF).

After all work has been completed, including restoration of the site, a final inspection should be requested. If all final inspections have been performed and approved, refundable deposits will be refunded and an Occupancy Permit may be issued.