Traditions, Service & Volunteerism

On October 11, 1907, the Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Department was chartered. During a village hall meeting, Edgar H. McChesney, village president, appointed Harry J. Blackburn to be Fire Chief and 22 men were enrolled to serve as volunteer firefighters.

Glen Ellyn Illinois Volunteer Fire Department

Today the tradition lives on, as the Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Company is still completely volunteer. From the Chief to the rank of firefighter, the 64 men and women who serve as volunteers today are always ready to help, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Chances are very good that one of the volunteers may very well live next door or down the street.

Experience & Training

Our firefighters remain some of the most dedicated neighbors you will ever have. They are also some of the most experienced, highly-trained and professional firefighters anywhere. With over 700 years of experience in firefighting and rescue services, the Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Company is constantly renewing itself with the latest in fire service equipment and training.

One of the indicators of the quality of service provided by your Volunteers is the impressive ISO Class 3 insurance rating that the Village benefits from. This rating insures lower insurance rates for both residential and commercial property.


Glen Ellyn’s Volunteers donate their time for the same reasons the 23 men did nearly a 100 years ago, because they care and they want to keep Glen Ellyn a great and safe place to live.

Whether it is in the middle of the night,
during a family dinner,
on a special holiday,
or in the midst of extreme weather,
your volunteer firefighters answer the call.

The next call may be from you.


Glen Ellyn’s volunteer firefighters are neighbors and friends. They are accountants, pilots, business owners, executives, nurses, lawyers, salespeople and municipal employees. Their children attend our schools and play on our sports teams. They are just like you, save one difference: when the alarm sounds, they drop whatever they are doing and risk their lives to help a neighbor in need.

2017 Statistics

In 2017, the men and women of Glen Ellyn’s Volunteer Fire Company:

  • Responded to approximately 1,200 fire and emergency medial calls
  • Trained approximately 9,000 hours on Sunday mornings, Monday evenings, and online training
  • Earned a salary of $1 (for 300 hours of service)
  • Saved the taxpayers an estimated $6 million dollars


At the end of their career, firefighters who retire with at least 15 years of service receive a one-time benefit of $1,000 for each year of service. This is meant to in a small way acknowledge the time, talent and labor given by these men and women to the Village of Glen Ellyn and the residents of the Glen Ellyn Fire Protection District.

Future of the Company

For over 100 years, a company of volunteer firefighters has stood watch over Glen Ellyn. While many communities have transitioned to tax-supported fire departments, we are proud that our all Volunteer Fire Company remains steadfastly committed to serve and protect its neighbors.

They stand ready to answer your call.