Sump Pumps

Per Village Code 8-1-10 the directed discharge of sump pumps, gutters or other similar drainage devices into the public right-of-way is prohibited. Such discharges can cause conditions, such as algal growth in the summer and icing in the winter, which can be dangerous to pedestrians or vehicular traffic. Additionally, the excess water can be detrimental to parkway trees and cause an accelerated deterioration of sidewalks, driveways and streets. The homeowner is required to rectify the situation when notified and failure to do so can result in fines.

After being made aware of such situations, Public Works will work with the property owner to rectify the situation. Solutions many involve changing the discharge location, installation of dry wells or direction connection to the Village's storm sewer system, among other possibilities. Discharge of Clearwater into the sanitary sewers is not allowed and is a violation of Village Code 7-9-25. Please contact Public Works at 630-469-6754 for additional information.