Vision & Values

The Village of Glen Ellyn is a desirable Community in which to live, work and play, with unique character and charm, a small-town feel, urban amenities and a high quality of life.

  • Glen Ellyn has a mix of businesses in its thriving downtown and commercial corridors. It is a destination with a vibrant mix of shopping, dining and special events.
  • Glen Ellyn is a safe community, easily reached by road, train and trail, with easy access to Chicago.
  • Glen Ellyn’s success is built on a 21st Century infrastructure, a growing footprint, resident involvement and a Village government committed to continued financial sustainability.

Glen Ellyn is a community that values volunteerism and, as a Village, we value diverse opinions and the need to work together. As a community, Glen Ellyn represents approach-ability, inclusiveness, and respect for diverse cultural backgrounds.