Village Budget

The Finance Department oversees the planning and completion of the Village Budget annually. The general purpose of the budget is to:

  • Identify and allocate resources among Village departments and programs, reflecting Village Board and community priorities
  • Provide a method to track and control expenditures so that they do not exceed available resources
  • Evaluate how the Village performed compared to the previous year with actual accomplishments

Current 2021 Budget

View the final 2021 Budget:

Budget Overview
General Fund
Other Government Funds
Enterprise Funds
Capital Program
Internal Service Funds
Police Pension

Budget: Prior Years

View the archive of Glen Ellyn budgets.


The budget is a document that communicates the Village’s plan for revenue and expenditures each year. The document includes several important pieces of information that promote this cause including the Village’s fund structure, fund descriptions, budget summaries, and individual budgets supported by a narrative for each department. It also directs the operations of the Village by allocating resources to help the Village realize its goals for the year as determined by the Board. 

This direction includes all operational or governmental activities, business-like activities (Recreation Fund, Solid Waste Fund, etc.), and fiduciary responsibilities (Pension liabilities, etc.). Through this presentation, the Village can adhere to its financial policies, ensure revenues support expenditures, maintain cash reserves, and allow for long-range planning and financial health of the Village. 

Lastly, this process allows the Village to promote accountability and transparency to residents and other stakeholders so that they understand where and how their tax dollars are being spent.