Civic Center Parking Garage and Pedway

Project Description

M.A. Mortenson Company, on behalf of the Village of Glen Ellyn, is proposing a four-story public parking garage and other associated public improvements for the properties located at 535 Duane Street and 423 N. Main Street, more commonly known as the Glen Ellyn Civic Center and the Shonkwiler Building, respectively. Part of this proposal includes the demolition of the Shonkwiler building and the residential building to its rear. In the place of this building, a public space to serve as a connection point from Main Street to the public parking garage is proposed.

The proposed public parking garage will contain 277 parking stalls, and an additional 10 parking stalls to the west of the driveway off of Duane Street. A total net gain of 212 additional parking stalls will serve the Civic Center employees, Innovation DuPage, the Small Business Development Center, in addition to Metra commuters, downtown Glen Ellyn businesses and residents, and visitors to the downtown.

photo collage

Pictured left: Rendering, looking southwest; Pictured right: Main Street public area, looking northwest

Project History

Parking Garage 

In December of 2017, to combat the perception of there being a lack of parking in the downtown and to also provide for future parking needs, the Village Board determined that a parking garage in the downtown was necessary and elected to pursue site alternatives. Six alternative sites for a future parking garage were evaluated, with three being to the north of the Union Pacific West Metra line, and three being to the south. Of the six sites identified and presented to the Village Board as possible locations, staff narrowed the alternatives to three, being the following: to the north of the Metra line, a property south of the intersection at Crescent and Glenwood; to the south of the Metra line, the Village-owned Main Street parking lot; and a second to the south of the Metra line, behind the Civic Center. The Village Board ultimately concluded that constructing a Village-owned parking garage to the south of the Metra line at the Civic Center site was the best alternative. This site was considered to be the least visible and least obtrusive location of those that were proposed as alternatives.

In November of 2018, the Village awarded a design-build contract to MA. Mortenson Company, Shive Hattery, and Walker, with Mortenson serving as the primary project manager and eventual petitioner on behalf of the Village. 

Construction on the parking garage began in June 2020 and is on track to be complete by May 1, 2021.


As part of the vision to add a new public amenity to be used by all businesses and visitors of the downtown, the Village purchased and subsequently demolished the Shonkwiler building and the residential building to the east (423 N. Main Street). The demolition of these two buildings allows for the creation of a pedestrian connection from the public parking garage to Main Street and Duane Street. The design of the pedway includes opportunities for multiple outdoor dining areas, seat wall planter boxes, decorative lighting, landscaping improvements, as well as mechanical equipment screening. This project, alongside the Civic Center parking garage, are expected to be complete by May 2021.

Pedway Renderings

Pictured left: Rendering, pedway connection between the Civic Center parking garage and Main Street.
Pictured right: Rendering, pedway connection between the Civic Center parking garage and Duane Street.

Plans & Supporting Documents

Please note: The plans and supporting documents above show only a portion of the materials. If you are interested in seeing the entire plan set, please visit the Community Development Department at 535 Duane Street or call (630) 547-5250 for further information. 

Approval Process

On behalf of the Village, M.A. Mortenson Company has requested approval of a Special Use for a Planned Unit Development with zoning deviations and a Special Use Permit to allow a public use on the properties located at 535 Duane Street and 423 N. Main Street. The petitioner has also requested approval of a Special Use Permit to allow a public parking garage on the property located at 535 Duane Street, as well as Exterior Appearance approval. All of these requests are for the construction of a four-story, five-tier public parking garage, with one of level being underground parking.

  • The Historic Preservation Commission reviewed and approved an Application for Alteration to a Landmarked Structure on September 19, 2019. The entire Civic Center property, 535 Duane Street, is a landmarked property and therefore required this review and approval.
  • The Plan Commission held a public hearing to review the proposal for the four-story Civic Center public parking garage and pedestrian access to Main Street on Thursday, December 12, 2019. The Commission recommended approval of the project to the Village Board.
  • The Village Board voted to approve the project at the January 27, 2020 Village Board Meeting. Read the full press release here

Meeting agendas and minutes: To view agendas and minutes related to this project, including concept design, please visit the Agendas & Minutes page.